Travel Writing

Here is the beginning of my travel writing:

A narrow, long dirt road leads to a place like no other. A place filled with sun even when it is stormy, a place with no houses but many homes. A smile fills the face of every kid, teen and grown up who steps onto the land. Large pine trees tower over each taller than the next, leaving their dark shadows on the glistening lake. The water is refreshing and active as the lake is packed with canoes, kayaks, sailboats and kids. The busy docks are filled with swimmers escaping the beaming sun and basking in the rays. The sand is wonderfully warm and perfect to play in. Each cabin is buzzing with eleven crazy campers on sugar highs having the time of their lives. Most parents have no idea what their kids are getting into. The smoke from the fires escape in the wind leaving flickering flames glowing in the darkness, collecting memories that will last forever. As you walk to your cabin at night there is never silence as there is always a friend by your side.


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