Biebers Own Sadness Fever

For once Justin Bieber has been given some justice. After all of the crazy things he has been in trouble for a lot of peoples view of him has completely changed, and as a result I think people assume that he is always up to no good. I read this article about a fan taking pictures of him and witnesses say he asked her to stop. The fan claimed that he attempted to rob her. After this Justin tweeted a lot of defensive things about how `he is human, he has feelings and how he is judged`. I think he really just got himself into this mess but not only is it his fault but also the media fault. Unfortunately it seems that the media has gone to his head, and he is no longer the newly discovered, cute, humble boy he appeared as in his first youtube videos. Such a shame that our world can transform someone so negatively but part of it is his own attitude. I wonder what he would be like if he was never discovered.


One thought on “Biebers Own Sadness Fever

  1. Can we ever know what is real and what is media-creation about anyone who is in the public eye? How much of our opinion about a ‘celebrity’ is based on a couple of superficial items of information? It’s not fair, but without the publicity-both good and bad-Beiber would still be busking on the streets of Stratford…


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