KW Glee

This past week I have been performing with KW Glee at Drayton Entertainment’s Dunfield Theatre in Cambridge. Most of you probably have not heard of KW Glee but it is actually quite popular among the artistic community. KW Glee is simply a performance choir based on the Television show Glee. We perform throughout KW and do a final run in May or December depending on the term. I started performing with KW Glee in grade 9 where I was apart of term 2 and 3. Then, in grade 10 I had to quit from both term 4 and 5. After this I didn’t audition in grade eleven or in the first half of grade 12, but for this last half of grade 12 something made me want to go back. I was lucky to get in after being away for two and a half years but when I returned I was welcomed with open arms.
In KW among the theatre community there are a lot of mixed emotions about this group. Those who have been in it have so much appreciation and support for what this group does, many who come to see it also feel this way, but there are others who do not support it. The directors of the group are strict on the outside but have the biggest hearts. People who do not get the chance to see the true side of them think that they are training kids incorrectly, and are cutting down their confidence, when really I feel it is the exact opposite. Myself and many others shared before our last performance that glee really changed our lives. Before joining glee I had less than half the confidence I have now and was even more shy. Joining this group made me so happy, confident and positive. One of the directors goals is to change the way kids feel about themselves, and I think that they are very successful in doing that.
This kind of goes to show that you can’t really judge someone (or something) before you really know about it or have experienced it. I am totally guilty of this. Our society is so caught up on other people and other things. Worry about yourself and what makes you happy because that is going to change your life for the better. Do not listen to what others think about what you are doing, make your own decisions and do not let other peoples opinions change you.


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