Post Secondary Costs

The costs of post-secondary schooling has got me torn up quite a bit. I have been trying to get enough money to go to school in New York City and there really is not a lot of resources out there. First of all, OSAP does not give much money if you are not going to school in the province. This is a pain because the cost for schooling in the states is triple the costs here. I thought that OSAP would give more money since it was going to be international… I was wrong, and shocked to find out only $210 is loaned per study week if you are studying outside of Ontario. I guess the Government wants us to go to school in their province so that we do not leave, and stay gone. What has also got me frustrated is the availability of scholarships. I have been on every scholarship website you can find. These sites advertise a whole bunch of scholarships but most are very specific. Sucks that I am not going to school for one of those high salary because it seems like most of the scholarships are for those fields.
I now know there is no way I can go to school in New York City, and now we are trying to fund for a school just in Toronto. This is way more reasonable but the costs still amaze me. Tuition alone comes to a total of $26,655 for just two years. On top of that paying rent, utilities and buying groceries seems like and impossible task. Thank goodness OSAP will cover more costs in Ontario.


2 thoughts on “Post Secondary Costs

  1. It is crazy how expensive post secondary education is! It makes it really difficult for people to even follow their dreams which really sucks! Hopefully once you are done in Toronto you will find a way to make it out to New York.

  2. I find it hard to believe how expensive it is to attend post secondary education. When our parents grew up, if you had a college diploma or university degree, you were set. Today, even with post secondary education, it is not guaranteed that you will get a job.

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