The Hidden Talent all Around Our World

There are two youtube videos I recently watched from the X Factor. One was of a dance group Fresh Faces, and the other of a young singer Carly Rose. These are pretty popular videos so you may have seen them before. I watched both of these videos and was impressed. I started thinking about how many talented people there are in this world. It is so crazy how many hidden talents are constantly being discovered, but also how many are not being discovered.
Watching the singer Carly Rose, she really is phenomenal especially for her age, and I think that there are other people who are probably equally as talented as her but she is actually putting herself out there. A lot of people look back on the opportunities they had to put themselves out there in all kinds of situations and they were just too nervous, or shy to do it. With the immense amount of opportunities in the arts, and outside the arts people have the chance to do so many interesting things that they never did before.
The other video of the dance group “Fresh Faces” was a typical dance routine. The five girls are extremely talented don’t get me wrong. But there are a billion other little dancers in this world who are fantastic aswell. I started thinking of all the talented people I know, especially the young dancers from my studio. If they just took the chance to enter something like this they could be the next new popular group aswell.
Our world has developed so much that I think people need to takes more chances because one small decision can change your life so much. Everyone who likes to entertain would love to “make it big” but most of us don’t really do anything to make it happen.
So take a chance and change you life!


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