Healthy Lifestyles

Lately I feel like everyone in my life is transitioning into a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is eating healthy, being active and working out. I on the other hand am still into laying around, eating chocolate and being lazy whenever I can. I feel like when everyone hits grade eleven there is this idea that we need to start being fit. I guess when we were young our metabolisms were faster, we spent more time running around, and things were different. But I wish we all still did not care. It is good to eat healthy and stay active but I wish that was all as easy as it used to be. I keep feeling this pressure from people around me, and from the media that I need to start eating better and working out. Now personally no matter what I do not think I will ever spend my own time working out. But eating healthy is definitely something I know I need to improve on. I do not have awful eating habits but I am going to need to tweak a few things to stay healthy as I age, and as my life changes.
Next year is going to be a very active year for me, and the foods I eat now I do not think will be enough for my lifestyle. I think I am going to start to find more foods that give a lot of energy, but that are healthy. People who are at the school I will probably be going to have told me that they were always so tired and would just grab a pizza or microwave a tv dinner, which for a while was okay. But the intensity of the program and the way they were eating caused them to be sick constantly. So, I guess it is my turn to hop on the healthy bus and start to turn my habits around.


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