Article – “7 Things You Think Are Dirty — but Aren’t”

I read the article “7 Things You Think Are Dirty — but Aren’t”.
Here is a link to the article:

This article lists 7 things that are not as dirty as we think. It also lists a lot of things things that are a lot dirty than we think – which is part of the reason they are so full of germs.
The line “There’s usually 200 times more fecal bacteria on a cutting board than on a toilet seat,” stuck out to me. How gross is that to think we are eating those germs from cutting boards and a TOILET seat is cleaner…
It says that we associate germs with a toilet so frequently that we are more likely to clean it often, whereas a telephone is rarely disinfected because we don’t think about how dirty it is.
Some other interesting points were:
– Coins are not as dirty as we think because they are made of metal which has antimicrobial characteristics which is not a good place for germs to live.
-Your backyard is dirty but is a different and mostly less harmful way as it does not hold as many germs and the germs is has a pathogenic which do not affect humans.
-Humans are dirtier than dogs.
This last fact caught me off guard because I hate most dogs and cannot believe a dog can be cleaner than me. I hate when people kiss their dogs or let their dogs lick their human lips. I think that is disgusting and find it hard to believe that with all of the showering and cleaning our body does not make humans cleaner than dogs.
Read this article to find some things you haven’t been cleaning and need to!


3 thoughts on “Article – “7 Things You Think Are Dirty — but Aren’t”

  1. Wow, how can dogs be cleaner than humans? That is very hard to believe. My dog gets trimmed and washed a handful of times, and yet he is cleaner than me?

  2. I, personally, was struck by how few people leave public washrooms actually having used soap. Like, that is just disgusting. Could the study have been leaving out the fact that these people elect to use hand sanitizer instead? (I refuse to believe that people can just LEAVE the washroom like that… :s )

  3. When I saw your title I was worried, thinking that you were about to list ‘dirty’ things that had nothing to do with cleanliness…


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