5 “Characters” You Will Meet in Community Theatre

1. The Stage mom who thinks their daughter is better than everyone else.


This stage mom is all about their child. Whether it is the kids first or tenth show, this mom believes that their kid is nothing but the best. Constantly sticking by their child, standing up for them (in unnecessary situations), and boasting about their talent are a few signs of this character. Be sure to watch out for their squawking voice interrupting a rehearsal they weren’t even allowed to be sitting in on; and do not take offense when they constantly compare their own child to you, obviously putting you down. This mom might just be jealous.

2. A wonderful dancer who cannot sing to save their life.


There is always a dancer in every bunch who appears to be an angel on stage, until they open their mouth. Don’t get me wrong, their dancing is usually fantastic but being tone deaf is not easy in musical theatre. These dancers often think they are great singers, they just do not understand why they were given a dancing-only role. I suggest you politely hint that these people should look into some voice lessons if they plan on pursuing musical theatre.

3. An old lady in the ensemble who sings louder than everyone else.


These ladies usually have a very distinctive voice, and an outgoing personality. When rehearsing vocals this person is spot on, singing louder than the whole cast put together. They aren’t a bad singer, and they know their harmony like the back of their hand. Their struggle is more about blending with the rest of the group, and remembering this is not their solo. These ladies are great to sit beside if they are singing the same part as you and you are struggling. They will be singing in your ear loud and proud.

4. A young child who obviously got in because of their parents.


There is always a young child who doesn’t have a huge interest in the show, or much talent, but is there because their parents are a valuable cast members. This kids are part of a “package deal”. They tend to be very energetic, until they have to put their energy towards the rehearsal. They are distracted easily, bored often, and slightly bratty. If you can ignore these kids you will be avoiding frustration, unwanted friends, and being labelled as a trouble maker.

5. A lady helping with makeup who appears to be blind.


There is always at least one awful makeup lady who either applies too much or the wrong type of makeup. This lady is super talkative, usually eating while she does your makeup, and often older. You wonder why she is constantly asked back to help. Everyone avoids her table but the kids seem to always be volunteered to her table. After having your makeup done by this lady you might find lipstick on your teeth, eyeliner applied more like eye shadow, and an extremely orange face (like and oompa loompa). Try your best to avoid eye contact and keep far from her station.


3 thoughts on “5 “Characters” You Will Meet in Community Theatre

  1. This is the first time that I’m seeing this post that I can’t believe I missed! I feel like I could actually make a list like this one based on “characters” you’d find at a riding stable as well… xD Do you get a lot of theatre drama? (because I know that I’m always having to deal with “barn drama”) :p

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