Satire – Why I Love Highschool

High school is the best years of our lives, right? Our years of freedom, fun and friendships. High school is filled with welcoming cliques, judgemental teenagers and friendly druggies- what more could we ask for? Seniors all have this huge love for niners.We all rave about how they conveniently collect in the middle of the halls and go to class so early. But I guess none of us ever did that. After all we were never niners ourselves. Clearly we entered high school as mature grade twelves and never stopped in the middle of the hall.
Waking up Monday morning we all can’t wait to see our “enemies”. Specifically for us females, the person who stole our boyfriend in grade six. We are so sure she is still an awful person, that she must still think she is better than me since we haven’t spoken in four years. Obviously I want to impress her though. I like to admire those who try their hardest to be someone that other people will think is cool, people we will see all the time five years from now. I am obviously going to spend the rest of my life with my graduating class. Why wouldn’t I base my own decisions on what will impress my peers?
The spirit at high school is overwhelming. There’s Nothing like a group of one hundred plus leaders to lead us in our super fun, enthusiastic assemblies. Go home and check the tweets from these leaders, then decide if they are enthusiastic about school. We all try to be like them, we want to be the well liked, funny and most importantly, spirited high schoolers, because those are the only people who have friends right? And since all these kids are so enthusiastic they are obviously attending all the sport events, as we get such a great turnout at these events.
The best thing about school is that we get to spend six hours at school and then take it all home to work some more! I mean, who doesn’t love homework? Teenagers don’t do activities outside of school, and we don’t have social lives, so it is just perfect that teachers realise that and give us so much homework fun! What would we do without it? Catch up with on sleep, hang out with our friends, go to our extracurriculars, go to work? Nope, homework sounds the most enjoyable, thank goodness.
Bullies are another great addition to high school. How many kids are lucky enough to wake up and fear going to school? We all walk down the halls and pretend we don’t see the people are being bullied, because they don’t want or need our help. We also ignore the people snickering and whispering as we walk past because we wore something different today. No one needs to tell them to shut up and stop judging. It’s okay for them to do it, they are on student counsel, they are the leaders.
There are so many reasons that I wish I could stay in high school forever! If homework, student counsel, bullying, niners and being with our enemies isn’t a good time, I don’t know what is. I cannot wait to wake up Monday morning at 6:30am to look good for all the people I don’t even know the names of.


2 thoughts on “Satire – Why I Love Highschool

  1. Friendly druggies and the girl who stole my grade six boyfriend would be the two biggest highlights of my school life! You’re funny Maddie, rock on 🙂

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