Bringing Back the 90’S


Sometimes I wish I was a teenager during the 90’s, mostly because of this generations music. Honestly I love the backstreet boys, spice girls and Cyndi Lauper. Songs like: Wannabe, Baby Got back, Jump and Hit me Baby one More Time are so fun to listen to. Not all of these songs have a great meaning, but nevertheless they are so fun and catchy. Popular artists now I guess could be considered similar in the way that they have bad lyrics and catchy beats. At least a lot of 90’s music wasn’t swearing every other word but rather “girls just wanna have fun”, that is a bit nicer to hear. Don’t get me wrong there are popular artists (and not so popular artists) who have great lyrics, meaning and music in their songs, but why is the popular stuff the crummy songs. I guess everyone has different opinions and likes different music for different occasions. I think I love the 90’s music because it has a lot of good dance music, and I love dance music, this also explains why I like some of the modern dance songs that have absolutely awful lyrics.
Music is a funny thing. No matter how bad a songs lyrics are if it is catchy a lot of people can’t help but love it, even if they deny it. Anyways, I encourage everyone to take a “throwback” to the 90’s and look up some of the old hits. Even if you don’t like them, I am sure you will hear something that can cheer you up.


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