Reflection on Sheridan Auditon

This weekend I had the most important day of my life. On Sunday I woke up at 5am to go to Oakville for my audition for Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Music Theatre Performance program. This program accepts 45 people from about 450 applicants. Sheridan has always been my dream school. I arrived at Sheridan at 7:30am ready for the long day ahead of me. At 8:30 we began the dance audition which was easier than I imagined. Then once that was finshed the next three hours were individual auditions. I was called in at the middle of the process for audition. I sang two musical theatre songs and performed my monologue for a panel of three plus an accompanist. After interviewing me the panel asked for me to step out of the room so they could talk about me. I knew that this meant they were going to discuss whether or not I would move on to the second phase of auditions. I nervously waited outside of the room for about three minuets; so many scenarios and possibilities were streaming through my head. I finally got called back in and the panel said I was moving onto the second round. I immediately thanked them and listened to their feedback. Once I got out of the audition room I began crying and could not stop myself. I was so excited and I felt like finally I was making my dream a reality. I was taken up to a different rom to begin the phase two audition process. I began by writing a theory test that was a piece of cake. Then I did n ear training test which had some tricky parts but went well overall. I had completed two of the three steps of the phase two audition. I now had to wait an hour until the most important part of my audition. I had to sing my two songs and perform my monologue again infront of the dean, the department heads, and a number of teachers. This panel had eleven people but for some reason I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I was for the first audition. Eventually it was my turn and I auditioned for the larger panel. Luckily I think I performed to the best of my ability. This was the end of what seemed to be the perfect day. I now have to wait until the end of march to hear whether or not I am accepted. It’s hard to think how I have done everything I can but it is now out of my hands. It is also so exciting to think how close my dream is to becoming reality. I am realizing this week as I continue to prep formore school auditions that dedication can really get you where you want to be. To even just make it to phase two is such an honour in such a competitive program. No matter what happens I am extremely proud of myself for working hard at this dream for years, and never giving up no matter happens.


2 thoughts on “Reflection on Sheridan Auditon

  1. I can’t even imagine how stressful that would have been! It’s already fantastic that you managed not to dissolve into a pool of anxiety during the audition (cause I probably would have)! I really hope all goes well for you: way to really put yourself out there!!

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