Fill your time with things you love

It seems like as each day goes by I feel I have wasted my high school life more and more. I often think, why didn’t I get more involved in high school? Why didn’t I choose better courses? Why didn’t I meet more new people? But then sometimes I realize I have the answers to all these questions. I don’t think I am super involved in school because I switched schools, I chose these courses because I never really knew what my interests were and I met a ton of new people but a lot of them just aren’t at this specific school. Then I realized that although high school is a very prominent aspect of our life, it is not the only thing going on during our four years from grades 9 to 12. For me personally school happens before my day really starts. I get up, go to school, come home, and then my day starts.

I recently have been thinking about some of my friends and just people I know who do not do any extra curricular activities; I thought about how school is really their biggest social activity of the day. This seems weird to me. I know that as we grow up our interests and opinions on things change but I feel like I am the only one who still has extra curricular activities outside of school. Didn’t we all used to play soccer or baseball? Or take piano or guitar lessons? Why don’t teenagers stick with some of their activities from their childhood or try something new?

So many kids say how the day sucks and they have nothing to do and are bored. My friend said to me the other day “it sucks because I don’t like school, but then I go home and my only activity is homework.” This made me sad, because honestly the days that I go home and only have homework are such a nice break! I wish all kids could feel the way I do about life. Yes, I am not the most enthusiastic about learning in school, but I have a passion and a dream that I have been pursuing for years through my out of school activities and I wish that everyone could be involved in something they love everyday! I truly feel that it would brighten everyone day to do something they love everyday.

I guess I have noticed how lucky I am. I always have something to look forward to thanks to my parents commitment to my interests. Some kids might not have this because they think they have no interests, or maybe they do but their parents do not support it. So maybe it doesn’t have to be a structured out of school activity. But do something everyday you love. Why not? Your life after school shouldn’t just be about homework. Yes, sometimes it is important but we can usually find a bit of time everyday to do something we love, so instead of sitting in your bed complaining about how you’re bored do something you love, I bet it will make you feel ten times better!


3 thoughts on “Fill your time with things you love

  1. It’s funny, just before I read this I was looking through my planner at everything I have to get completed this week and remembering how on Sunday night I told myself I would make some time to workout, bake brownies, enter a contest to win Katy Perry tickets and finish a notebook I’m halfway through making. I know doing any of these things would make me so happy but its so hard to find time! The only thing I’d say I’ve been doing well is getting a good amount of sleep this week, and even though that’s great, I wouldn’t call it one of my passions.

  2. I think life is too short to focus on just one specific thing. Whether that’s school, sports, or even anything else. You need a balance of everything.

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