The Full Monty

Last night I went to see The Full Monty at St. Jacobs country playhouse, one of Drayton Entertainments local theatres. This show is basically about a group of men who loose their jobs and need to make money fast, so they decide to put on a strip show. It may seem a little strange that we chose to see this but it was great, and we went because we knew a bunch of people in it. When my friend and I walked into the lobby we immediately noticed we did not fit in with the crowd. It was all older ladies, some accompanied by men. We were surely the youngest in the audience.

Anyway, this theatre is a very small theatre it seats around 350 people. We were sitting in the fourth row and behind us wad a group of 4 or 5 drunk ladies. I was absolutely appalled by the disrespect that was displayed by them. One lady in particular was heckling, mimicking and yelling out during the entire show. Me and the people around me were all getting very annoyed and this women proceeded to talk about how bored she was and how she just wanted them to get naked. We politely asked her to quiet down a number of times. This did not work. This women made a phone call, and even ate half a loaf of garlic bread during the show. (We found the other half on the ground under her seat after the show). Anyways this opened my eyes to how disrespectful some people can be.

Moving on, this cast was an amateur group of performers and you could not tell one bit. The professionalism displayed by these actors was so commendable. They completely ignored all of the distractions and their focus did not seem effected at all. The talent on the stage was amazing, particularly the vocals from one of the male leads I know. I was honestly amazed by what I was watching and if you had not known you would have guessed this was a completely professional production.

Although the performers were amazing, there were a few flaws I noticed in the set. Since this is a small stage it is difficult to have a very supportive and realistic set. But some of the flies like door seemed like they were going to fall over as they swayed forward when someone would walk through. Also for most of the set changes stage hands actually came out in the blackouts to set the scene. In a small theatre like this it was totally noticeable because being so close the blackout was not able to hide the bodies. I think they could have had actors do a lot more of the transitions than they did.

Despite the few technical glitches, and the heckling distractions behind us, this was a fabulous show that I am so glad I went to see. Musical theatre has such a stereotype of being all preppy, and happy. But this show is a great example of the opposite ends of musical theatre. full monty


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