Everything is Not as it Seems

You think it will be easy,
a jump, a step, here or there
but when you really try it
the struggle seems unfair.

A fluffy ball of love,
prancing around the house.
Barks all day and night,
and pee’s if you turn off the light.

Shy, hardworking girls,
must be happy and fun.
When you get to know them,
you wish you hadn’t begun.

An interesting looking flower
appears abstract as can be,
put your finger near it
you better hope you don’t get bit.

A fun first pet,
something new to try.
Before you get to know them,
you wake up and they die.


One thought on “Everything is Not as it Seems

  1. Good job, I especially like the 1st, 3rd and 5th stanzas. You were really clever with the rhyming. I like the way you ended the poem as well, terminating the fish and terminating the poem, it’s clever 😉

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