Russia Hosting the Olympics

Obviously the Olympics are an exciting time for all of the countries around the world but it is especially exciting for the country hosting it. The amount of time and money put into hosting the Olympics is crazy! I did not sit down and watch the Opening Ceremonies but as my parents watched it I saw a few parts. I started thinking about Russia as a country. Russia has so many people living in slums and on the street, yet they could afford to host the Olympics?

My mom’s friends son is going to see an event and he said that “there is not much to see in Russia unless you want to visit the poor”. So why is Russia hosting the Olympics when they could be using all of that money to feed the citizens of their country. They are supposed to be a communist country where everyone is equal. Well I do not think that the Russians who are attending the Olympics and the Russians who do not have a home are equal right now. I understand that there are probably many things I did not consider when making this statement but doesn’t it bug you to think about what their money could be going towards?

I still think the Olympics is a cool event and that which ever country hosts it could be spending their money on other things, but this specific situation doesn’t make sense to me. Just something to think about.


2 thoughts on “Russia Hosting the Olympics

  1. I believe most countries who host the Olympics have this problem. I remember hearing that many places in China were hid behind large walls while the Beijing Olympics were occurring so the world wouldn’t experience some of the poverty of the country. Canada could have also used the money for better things, I heard that the money Canada spend on the 1976 Montreal Olympics was just paid off in 2010! Imagine how many people could have been helped with that kind of money! I like the Olympics, but I think they’re a bit extravagant. Why do we need a new destination each year? Why can’t countries maybe share some of the equipment they purchased for previous Olympic games? I hope one day the Olympics become a little less flashy and a little more beneficial to people in need.

  2. Extending your point just a bit…why do I need to go out to a nice restaurant for Valentine’s Day and spend 10 times as much as I would if I went to MacDonald’s or just stayed home and gave the difference to a homeless person? Think about it…we all make choices everyday about where to spend our money and most of what we spend it on are wants and not necessities…it’s a nice idea that money spent on multi-m(b)illion dollar projects could be spent in more worthwhile ways, but when it comes down to it, there are very few Olympic games and m(b)illions of people making frivolous spending decisions everyday…


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