Introduction Poem

You are living the life where you are told you will never make it.
You will be working at McDonalds is the reaction people have to your dream.
But, dream big they always say.
You are dreaming of what you know you want, your passion, your art.
Your dream has become a reality.
You will always hate the butterflies before an audition.
You will always love the bright lights, big stage.
You will always live for the audience applause after a final curtain call
You can’t count on another job once a run comes to an end.
But you can dream, that’s the fun part.
Although to some this may not be the most successful way of living.
You must live doing something you love, otherwise, what’s a life worth living for?
You love to dance when everyone is watching.
And sing as if it is your very last song.
You are made to perform.
Not because of your talent, but because there is nothing else you can dream of doing.


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