In tenth grade I did a civics project were each group had to form a government party and each person had to choose a project to pitch to the class that would make a good change in Waterloo Region. I chose to research and talk about Light Rail Transit, an idea that the city had been interested in. I don’t remember much about it but I know that I thought it would be a great idea. I read this article from The Record about the project being put into action and how some do not think it is worth it to spend the money.
I hope that the city follows through with this plan because I agree with many that in the long run Lite Rail Transit will benefit the community because of the way these trains hold more people and should last much longer. With the population of KW rapidly increasing it makes sense to me to spend the money on LRT rather than buying more buses that will break down before the new trains and hold one sixth of the people the new trains would hold. The city has already began to fund this project and has planned out where the tracks will go, only to find the building in these areas increasing.
I just found it interesting to re visit this proposal because I remember thinking how it was a great idea, but assuming it would never happen but now it just might!


2 thoughts on “LRT in KW

  1. Interesting how the issue of LRT versus subways has become such an issue in Toronto, with the ‘Fords’ and their ‘nation’ in favour of subways and the left-wingers in favour of LRTs…


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