Escaping Reality in the Arts

I have been watching the show One Tree Hill lately. I began season 1 last June and did not watch it again until November when I got hooked! I am now on season 7 of 9 (christmas break gave me a lot of time to watch) and I admit I am addicted. I have not been watching the show since we began school again because I have not had time but I think about the show everday, it is like it’s apart of me. Now I personally don’t watch a lot of tv because I get bored of it but this show has me.
I think it is crazy how as people we love to watch about other peoples lives, and in this case fictional lives. Is it that their lives are so much more exciting than ours? Do we love the depth in the characters? How come we get so addicted to tv? The arts is an amazing thing, I think that whether we are watching a tv show, a movie, a musical or a play, watching someone elses life give us a chance to excape our own. For an hour, or however long, we can pretend we do not exist, we can live fully in someone elses story. I think that is why I love performing so much.
Performing gives you the chance to be someone else, to play pretend. You are being someone who may be the complete opposite of who you really are but that is why it is so fun! Everyone seems to have a way of escaping from reality. Some people listen to music, some draw, run, play a sport and I guess some people actually turn into another character. When we are little we love to play dress up and play things like house and school, essentially we are playing pretend and for some people that never escapes us.


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