A Reflection on 2013

Twenty Thirteen was a year of good and bad, as every year is, but I have been reflecting on 2013 as more of a year of growing and self exploration. I am excited to say that the second half of 2013 was one of the greatest years of my life.
I began 2013 in grade eleven, hating everything. I soon realised that, that is no way to live and that I should stop being so negative. This didn’t take much effort, by May I was happy as ever and excited for summer. Once exams were done I headed to Huntsville to spend my summer at camp Wabanaki, probably my favourite place to be. These two months were filled with a lot of new friendships. I met many new people last summer who I miss very much and can not wait to reunite with again this summer. I learned a lot of new things and have memories to last a life time. To end my summer I went to Scotland for two and a half weeks with my family. The main reason we were going was for my younger sisters Worlds dance competition, but we turned it into a vacation. My first time leaving North America was exciting and memorable. We saw the most beautiful sights, castles, monuments and of course, rain. I also benefitted from getting a whole new wordrobe.
September began with school which was not as bad as I had imagined. Yes, homework has been a pain and school is not exactly fun but the day has enough time for much more than school. I spent September getting back into my usual habits and activites, resuming with vocal, dance and theory lessons, returning to work at the pool and rehearsing for Anne of Green Gables. The weeks of September to November are a complete blur to me as I was spending no time at home and having so much fun. Once again in these first few months I made many new friends and had some of the most important learning experiances of my life. I am thankful to have all of these opportunities to do things that I love with people I love.
As things setteled down I began focusing on the next school year. Filling out school multiple applications, researching requirements and touring schools has been an exciting experience. I continue to work on my audition materials and can’t wait to audition for theatre schools in March.
2013 made me realise how much I want the things I want and how much work is going to be needed to achieve my goals.
I know that 2014 has only just began and I am thrilled to begin this journey with determination, perserverence and a positive attitude.


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