Body Image Project

I just read an article about a lady who saw a photo of herself and her friends at the beach. She was looking uncomfortable in her one piece bathing suit, while her friends were all smiling, showing off their bodies in their bikini’s. After seeing this photo of herself she wanted to photograph all of the uncomfortable moments in her life and analyse them. The photos are shown alongside the article and are each explained. Most of the explanations were saying how she was doing things that lot’s of other people do, but she felt she was being judged much more than everyone else, because she was overweight. I think that it is interesting but also very sad for her to feel that way. She felt like she stood out among others because of her shape.
After looking through all of these pictures she wanted to make a change to her body. She got surgery and began a healthy lifestyle causing her to loose weight. She then began to take photos again but this time capturing moments where she felt loved or independent. From the weight she lost she immediately felt better and more confident.
I think it is interesting that appearance can change someones life so drastically because it isn’t nearly as important as personality and character. But I do believe that everyone seems to feel good when they look good in their eyes. But if you think about it if you are having a bad day and you don’t “look good” you are still going to feel sad. If you are having a bad day and you do “look good” you are still going to feel sad. Your appearance can change the way you feel when you look at yourself and it is great to feel good about yourself. But your appearance is not going to change everything that happens to you and make it better as well.
I think there is a lot of judgment in the world about people who are always looking their best with their hair and makeup done, wearing their nicest clothing must always feel good. I do it all the time, I look at someone in the hall and think “wow, they are always looking really good, they must be really happy.” But that is not accurate at all the way someone looks can not be the determining factor if they are happy or not, because happiness should come from what we feel inside, not from what everyone else see’s on the outside.


One thought on “Body Image Project

  1. Today I came across a quote that is very related to this post. It was very long, but the line that most captures (what I think) the essence of your message is “You are beautiful not for the shape of the vessel, but for the volume of the soul it carries.”

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