Appreciate the Things you Love

I have noticed lately how happy I am.
I always have something to look forward to and I always have something going on.
Now I am definitely not the type of person who is enthusiastic about school, especially highschool. But this year I have found that everything is moving so quickly. It is almost christmas and I think that the first part of the school year has flown by. The weeks are going by so quickly and sooner than we think it is going to be spring. Every day I go home from school, usually pretty happy, and get ready for my activities that night. I eat, leave and come home between nine and ten to do my homework, and as much as that sucks at the time I wouldn’t want it any other way. I would prefer to spend my life doing a bunch of things and being too busy, than to go home from school everyday and have nothing to look forward to than homework.
In grade eleven I was pretty negative and didn’t have a great school year. I was almost as busy as I am now but I did not appreciate everything I was doing the same. I would come to school and constantly complain, I do not know how I even had any friends because I didn’t even want to listen to myself. This school year a lot has changed, I’ve become so independant and really started to love everything I do. I do cach mydelf complaining sometimes but I quickly remember that I am so lucky to do all the things I do.
My parents ahve really given up a lot for me. Ever since I was young they have committed to driving me somewhere every night, buying me all of the things I need with barely any complaining. They have devoted their time, money and support to me and my sisters, but mostly me. I guess my sisters have taken a bit of a back seat in everything, especially my younger sister. She misses dance all the time because I need the car to go somewhere, or because I have a show and she really never complains which gets me thinking. How could I ever have complained about all of the good things I have going on?
I guess I am just glad to say that I think I am getting more and more positive as the days go by. So enjoy the things you are lucky to have, because everyone deserves to be happy.


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