Do what makes you happy


I just watched this Ted talk of a thirteen year old boy who is talking about his opinion on the school system. He talks a lot about how when kids grow up they just want to be happy, but parents assume that every kid just wants a cool job and the happiness and healthiness will just come with it. He thinks that education should have a larger focus on being healthy and happy. He has been researching the science of being happy and healthy and he says “much of education is oriented for better or worse towards making a living rather than making a life.” I think it is very interesting for such a young child to be so committed and passionate about this complex topic. Most kids do go through school and assume that when they grow up they will immediately be happy, but this kid has brought up a topic I have never thought about.

I have to agree with this boy on most of the things he says. Yes, education is very important but we need the time to learn about things we want to, which a lot of kids have the opportunity to do outside of school. I think that anyone can learn much more about something they care about and are passionate about than something they are forced to learn. This boy is now home schooled and obviously still learns math, science, English etc. but he gets to do it in a way that interests him. He also mentions that he spends one day a week entirely outside to learn about surviving in the nature with only a knife. This boy has a major interest in skiing and has learned a lot about what he needs to do to and why he needs to learn certain subjects to open his own business with skiing wear.    

 I find this child to be very inspirational because he is already chasing his dreams at the age of thirteen. He is independent and passionate about his learning, because of what he is learning. He has the motivation to do things which I think a lot of teenagers lack. After watching this talk, I feel like I have more motivation to reach my goals and peruse my dreams in order to make me happy. Like him, I do nor care how much money I make, or if I am living in a mansion, although it would be nice, I care about if I am doing what I love. This got me thinking of how a lot of people just need someone to believe in them, and to tell them they can do it! I personally am hoping to study musical theatre performance in post-secondary, definitely not the highest paying job, but I don’t care. I am constantly told I need to have a plan B, but I am convinced that everything will fall into place eventually because there is nothing else I can see myself doing. The only time when I will stop trying to achieve my dreams is when I can say that I have done absolutely everything possible to make it happen. I don’t want to live with the regrets of what I could have done. 

So I think that everyone should take a lesson from this boy, that we all need to do something that makes us happy. After all, whats a life worth living, if it’s not worth living, what you’re living for. 

Here is the link to this ted talk:


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