Lorde’s Latest “Diss” – Misinterpreted

Last night when I was driving home around 10pm I was pretty tired and basically ignoring the radio until I heard something about the artist Lorde. Lorde is a sixteen year old singer songwriter who has become increasingly more popular over the past months. I have been a major fan of Lorde for a few months now. Her songs are different, she isn’t “singing” about her old boyfriend or how much she likes to drinks. To me she is a fresh young and new voice who writes really interesting songs and has a great voice.

When I turned up the radio I listened to a clip of her talking saying that when she started writing she just wanted to sing something she could relate to. She doesn’t find the popular music now something she can relate to. I listened and realized I had never thought about that. A lot of the popular music now can be related to by some people I guess, but personally it doesn’t speak to me the same way as many other artists songs do, like Lorde. She specifically mentioned Nicki Minaj and Drake to be “irrelevant and unrelatable.” She then explained that she was in no way dissing either of these artists, but that she just doesn’t relate.

Many are now saying that Lorder is cocky, full of herself and over her head in fame. I think that this is a bit extreme. It is true that she could have worded her opinon a bit differently to avoid confusion but she after clarified her intentions. Lorde seems to be getting attacked a bit my media saying that she dissed Nicki and Drake. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and she just voiced hers honestly. I personally commend her for taking a risk and saying what she did, because she must have realized that people would be against her.

Lorde is now trying to redeem her status, I have seen many tweets, and media posts about how much she admires and praises these popular artists. Its unfortunate that her innocent opinion could change the way she is seen by so many, just because of the way people talk about this interview. Lot’s of artists probably feel the same way she does about not only Drake and Nicki but I am sure many others, as do many normal teenagers. I just think everyone should cut her some slack for simply sharing her opinion in a polite way. At least she is real and honest, something that can be questioned among many these days.

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3 thoughts on “Lorde’s Latest “Diss” – Misinterpreted

  1. First of all, I agree Lorde is awesome! It’s completely ridiculous the way the paparazzi can take something and blow it completely out of proportion, similar to the way teenage girls do in high school. I can’t at all relate to Nicki Manaj or drake, I’d be surprised if any sixteen year olds could.

  2. I think a celebrity that doesn’t just roll over beneath the pressure and can still express an opinion is to be celebrated, not criticized. Honesty is so rare in the media these days that stories like this are like a breath of fresh air. Even though I’m not a big pop music listener, I feel like I can still say that I like Lorde as a person, simply because she is truly being herself. (And this is something that many stars say, though it’s often not the truth.)

  3. I love Lorde. She is amazing and has such a beautiful, strong voice. I hate that the press has to twist everything an artist says or does to make them seem like a bad person. Sure, she could have said it differently, but really she was just saying what she felt and didn’t mean anything by it except that she does not relate to them. heck I don’t even relate to them. I respect Lorde so much for voicing her opinion and not responding to the hate she has received in a negative way. She could have lashed out at people for hating on her and cussing and swearing and not being classy, but no. She just turned around and said that she meant no disrespect to them and proved to us that she actually respects Nikki and Drake.

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