Reality of Dance Moms


The only TV show I watch consistently is Dance Moms. I’m sure you have all heard of these young girls and their crazy mothers as they have been popular for a few years now. There is a lot of negativity around this show which I do understand. I see comments daily on the shows facebook page and such, about how stupid the show is and how the mothers of these girls are setting them up for failure. 

Personally, I think that the girls featured on this show are some of the most talented people out there and could be some of the most successful performers. Many people think that their parents are crazy for letting their dance teacher (Abby Lee Miller) treat their children the way they do. Yes, I agree that sometimes Abby can be extremely cruel but I think we all have to recognize that much of the events on this show are staged to keep the show entertaining. It’s true that some of the fighting is real and the studio is very dramatic but some of the worst things must be created just for the viewers. At times it appears that the girls are learning in a very unhealthy environment but if you think about how they are constantly surrounded by support from their best friends, numerous mothers and even their crazy dance teacher, the studio is probably more like a family. Therefore no, Abby does not really want to kick out all of her dancers because of the mothers drama, or else Abby wouldn’t have a show anymore.  

Also many people say that these girls are going to struggle once they do not dance anymore, because they miss so much school, spend all of their free time at dance and that is their only social life. Most of these girls want to dance for the rest of their lives, so technically the training they are getting right now is more important than their schooling in the long run. All of them are choosing to spend their time at dance because they love it. It is shown many times on the show that their mothers give them the opportunity to no longer dance. None of these girls are being forced into staying. I think a lot of people don’t recognize that the art they are practicing has become very realistic for them to pursue. Yes, it is difficult to count on a performing career but as long as they are all doing what they love, why not let them try?


One thought on “Reality of Dance Moms

  1. I do not like the show(although I don’t really care what these people do with their lives), but I do have one reply to those who would publicly ridicule it…hockey parents/players who believe thay are going to make the NHL!? How is ‘Dance Moms’ any different?


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