Theatrical Journey

Yesterday morning I woke up to embark on a journey I have experienced many times before. Yesterday marked the beginning of tech week for Anne of Green Gables at Centre in the Square.Tech week consists of a few things: grumpy actors, hungry children and temporarily living at the theatre. Although that all sounds slightly negative, tech week is by far my favourite part of being in a show, next to the run.

As we began doing mic checks with a small group of the performers I did not see one cast member who wasn’t smiling, laughing and having a good time. I really think that there is something about the transition from the rehearsal hall to the theatre that makes everyone so thankful for the opportunity to be performing. One by one we stepped onto the giant stage and looked out at the 2,047 seats staring back at us. At this moment I felt so alive. To be standing alone, in the spotlight, in such a big theatre, it was unbelievable how singing to all of the empty seats enlightened my mood automatically.

I think that everyone has these moments where they are doing something they love and they just can not get enough of it. Although my mic check only lasted two minuets it was one of the happiest two minuets I have experienced. Even though I have been through this multiple times before, every time you step onto a new stage there is a new story to tell, new faces to look out at and a new unforgettable performance to remember.    Image


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