Five Years Time

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“And we’ll be laughing about how we used to smoke, all those stupid little cigarettes and drink stupid wine. Cause it’s what we needed to have a good time.” Every day my alarm goes off as the same song, 5 Years Time by: Noah and the Whale. I have known this song for a few years now and have just now realized how sad and true the lyrics are. The song talks about how five years from now everyone will be happy and will look back and laugh about how we used to depend on so many things to consider ourselves happy. I don’t think that in five years everyone will be happy but this song makes me think of how we think that we need certain things to be happy. I especially like the lyrics I quoted because every time I hear those few lines I think of how true that can be and how sad that is. The song also repeats “There’ll be love love love, wherever you go, there’ll be love love love” and I think that really that can be true to the present if we just find joy in the simple things.


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